Will Yes Bank Shares Recover?

Will Yes Bank share price recover?

Share price of private lender Yes Bank has recovered nearly 200 percent from the lows of Rs 5.55.

RBI superseded YES Bank board and capped per day deposit withdrawal limit at Rs 50,000.

The Central Government has imposed a moratorium on Yes Bank, restricting the withdrawal of deposits to Rs 50,000..

Is yes bank share worth buying?

Analysts say Yes Bank FPO is aptly priced at the price band of Rs 12-13 as the scope of recovery in the bank’s asset quality and earnings in the near term looks difficult because of the Covid outbreak. Investors who intend to hold the shares for over three years should subscribe to the issue.

Will Yes Bank revive?

The moratorium on Yes Bank will be lifted within three days of notifying the scheme, Sitharaman said. … Under the central bank’s revival scheme, SBI will have to buy 49% of Yes Bank and cannot reduce its holding below 26% before for the next three years. Other investors also being invited to revive Yes Bank.

Can Yes Bank share be sold?

If you hold more than 100 shares of Yes Bank, you are locked in for 3 years. … From Monday 16th March 2020, whatever new shares you buy, you will be able to freely sell them. This 75% restriction is only on shares you held on the evening Friday, 13th March 2020 and not on new shares that you buy from now.

Is yes bank safe now?

Deposits With Yes Bank Are Safe: RBI Governor. Days ahead of a moratorium imposed on Yes Bank Ltd. is set to be lifted, the Reserve Bank of India governor assured depositors that their money is safe and that the regulator stands ready to provide liquidity if needed.

Which is best shares to buy?

List of best stocks SLCompanyPrice1Bajaj Finance3,544.42Gujarat State Petrone197.53Associated Alcohols &258.04ITC184.06 more rows

Can I sell my Yes Bank share?

According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, 75 per cent of all Yes Bank shares that held in the demat accounts of the investors will be locked for 3 years and can’t be sold. The restriction on share sell will not be applicable on investors holding less than 100 shares of Yes Bank.

How many shares of Yes Bank can I sell?

100 sharesAll existing shareholders of Yes Bank have been barred from selling more than 25 of their current holding for 3 years, according to the YES Bank Reconstruction Plan approved by Centre on March 13. Only retail shareholders holding up to 100 shares can sell their entire holding.

What is the future of Yes Bank share price?

Market Depth (09 Sep 2020)BUYSELLQTYPRICEQTY55013.70535351710013.6958170100013.68256303 more rows

What is the future of Yes Bank shares?

YESBANK is trading in the lower range of the quarterly prices. The session was a bullish session and prices moved within a range of 14.25 and 14.55, with a volume of 37.06% compared to average volume that Yes Bank normally has….Target 112.91Target 214.34Target 314.64Target 416.25Target 5311 more row