What Teddy Bears Are Valuable?

Why are Steiff teddy bears so expensive?

Steiff toys last so long because they are extremely well-made and vigorously tested – surpassing all U.S.

and international toy safety standards.

Vintage Steiff toys from the company’s earlier years have sold at auction for more than $100,000..

How can you tell if a teddy bear is antique?

Most antique collectibles are defined as 100 years old or more; for teddy bears, however, anything dated on or before 1940 is an antique. If you are a bear novice, one thing you can’t do is generalize and say that all teddy bears look alike, are made with the same materials and are all the same color.

How old is the oldest teddy bear?

The first teddies were actually only made in 1902, and at Pollock’s Toy Museum near Goodge Street you can meet the oldest surviving specimen: Eric. Now totting up 114 years in the game, Eric might not be as fluffy or cuddly as his younger peers, but in terms of historical value, he’s got some serious clout.

What teddy bears are worth money?

With that, the teddy bears on this list range from a low of about $3,000 to a high of $143,000 for the Steiff Teddy Girl Bear.Steiff-Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear – $3,687.26. … Gund Snuffles Teddy Bear – $10,000. … Steiff Rod Bear PB28 – $10-12,000. … Steiff’s Grandfather bear – ~$12,900. … Steiff Alfonzo Teddy Bear – ~$16,000.More items…•

How do I know if my teddy bear is valuable?

Many manufacturers have distinctive features in the bears that make them readily identifiable. A label is the most definitive means of telling who made a teddy though. The maker helps to determine the value, because some are considered premium and highly sought after, such as Steiff, Chiltern, Joy Toys or Ideal.

How much is an original teddy bear worth?

Collectible Teddy Bears’ Value A Steiff teddy bear of excellent condition from the same era may go for up to $500 per inch of bear, with some twenty-inch bears selling for around $10,000 at auction. Original 1904 Steiff Bear 28 PBs can sell for up to $40,000.

What is the most expensive teddy bear?

Check out the 10 most expensive Steiff bears in the world.Titanic Mourning Bear – €128,000.Happy Teddy Bear – €120,000. … PB28 Rod Bear – €97,000. … Diamond Eyes Bear – €79,000. … Harlequin Bear – €71,000. … Blue Elliot Bear – €58,000. … Centre Seam Bear – €51,700. … Hot Water Bottle Teddy Bear – €28,000. … More items…

What is the best Teddy Bear brand?

The 8 Best Teddy Bears of 2020Best Overall: Bearington Collection Theodore at Amazon. … Best Budget: Aurora World Ashford Teddy Bear at Amazon. … Best for Toddlers: Jellycat Bumbly Bear Stuffed Animal at Amazon. … Best for Kids: Care Bears Share bear at Walmart. … Best for Adults: … Best Large: … Best to Cuddle: … Best Personalized:

Do Steiff bears hold their value?

The value is in scarcity. “Few of the original Steiff bears have survived and that’s why they go for so much. But when you make something as a collector’s item for an adult to keep in a box, they tend to survive.

How much is the world’s most expensive teddy bear?

The World’s Most Expensive Teddy: 125 Carat Bear from Steiff | Steiff teddy bear, Teddy, Bear collectibles.

How do you fix a teddy bear?

Step 1: De-stuff and Vacuum. First thing I did was get an Xacto knife and cut the rear seam in his back, then proceeded to de-stuff him. … Step 2: Wash and Dry. … Step 3: Sew and Repair. … Step 4: Re-stuff Head. … Step 5: Re-stuff Arms and Legs. … Step 6: Sew and Re-stuff Body. … Step 7: Stuff and Seal. … Step 8: Enjoy!More items…

How do you make a homemade teddy bear?

Teddy Bear Tutorial and Pattern1 yard of fabric for the body ( I used cream color fleece)1/2 yard of fabric for the color details ( I used light brown)1 set of animal eyes 18mm.small piece of felt for the nose.Stuff material ( I used polyester filling )Sewing machine.Pattern.

How can you tell a Steiff teddy bear?

When it comes to teddy bears, look for these tell tale signs of quality: swiveling head, plush and felt paws, eyes made of glass, joined legs and arms. Details on Steiff teddy bears–like the nose, mouth, and other small elements–are hand stitched with thread with care.

Are Care Bears worth money?

Vintage Care Bears are now prized items for serious toy collectors, and they can fetch hundreds – or even possibly thousands – of dollars. … On rare occasions, some special Care Bears or Care Bear collections could go for upwards of a whopping $10,000.