Quick Answer: What’S A Word For Strong Willed?

What’s a fancy word for strong?

What is another word for strong?toughburlyruggedbeefymightyathleticgreatsinewystalwartstout48 more rows.

What does it mean to support someone?

To be supportive is to give help or assistance, or to hold something or someone up. If your parents are supportive of your dreams to become a chef, they might enroll you in cooking classes. Supportive is a snuggly word. Anything that supports you, or embraces you and holds you up is supportive.

What does strong willed child mean?

These children are characterized as being “strong-willed.” A strong-willed child is defined as one who is stubborn and always has to get their way.

Is Tenacious a positive word?

A. Tenacious is a mostly positive term. If someone calls you tenacious you’re probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying – someone who does whatever is required to accomplish a goal. You may also be very stubborn.

What it means to be strong willed?

Someone strong-willed doesn’t give up easily. A strong-willed person is determined. Your will is your desire or drive to do something, so a strong-willed person is someone with a powerful will. This can be positive or negative. A child who insists on going to the zoo in the rain is strong-willed in a stubborn way.

What is a synonym for tenacious?

Synonyms. unyielding dour unregenerate obstinate dogged pertinacious persistent stubborn.

What’s the definition of tenacious?

adjective. holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold (often followed by of): a tenacious grip on my arm; tenacious of old habits. highly retentive: a tenacious memory. pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate.

Is strong willed and stubborn the same thing?

The difference between being stubborn and strong willed is this – being stubborn is often a short-sighted, immature and self defeating behavior, while being strong willed generally deals with the need to be strong and succeed, not giving up on what you believe in.

What is the opposite word of stubborn?

strong-minded, strong-willed. having a determined will. intractable. not tractable; difficult to manage or mold. Antonyms: docile.

What does it mean to be spineless?

adjective. having no spines or quills. having no spine or backbone. having a weak spine; limp. without moral force, resolution, or courage; feeble: a spineless, lily-livered coward.

What is another word for strong willed?

What is another word for strong-willed?headstrongresolutestubborntenaciousunbendingunwaveringunyieldingdecisivedomineeringindurate234 more rows

What is a stronger word for support?

SYNONYMS. hold up, bear, carry, prop up, keep up, bolster up, brace, shore up, underpin, buttress, reinforce. 2’he was struggling to support his family’ SYNONYMS. provide for, provide sustenance for, maintain, sustain, keep, take care of, look after.

What is the opposite of strong willed?

Antonyms for strong-willed weak-willed, spineless, weak.

Is Tenacious a compliment?

Usually, describing someone as having a tenacious personality is a compliment. It’s saying he/she will fight for his/her beliefs, that he/she will not stop until the job is complete. However, it could be negative if a person is annoying with his asking, or is persistent in a bad habit.

What is a support person called?

supporter. noun. someone who supports a particular person or group.

What are some examples of support?

Support is defined as to provide comfort, encouragement or financial assistance to someone. An example of support is listening to a friend in need. An example of support is lending money to a sibling.

Is willed a word?

verb (used with object), willed, will·ing. to purpose, determine on, or elect, by an act of will: If he wills success, he can find it. to give or dispose of (property) by a will or testament; bequeath or devise.