Quick Answer: What Will We Wear After Smartphones?

Will smartphones ever go away?

Yes, smartphones will be dead in five years but not in the sense of being wiped out.

Instead, innovation will come from new areas, not hardware, and the way we interact with devices will change.

Smartphones as we know them today will be dead..

What phones are coming in 2020?

Best upcoming Android phones:Google Pixel 4a.OnePlus Z.Asus Zenfone 7.Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

What will cell phones be like in 50 years?

It may be possible that in 50 years some microscopic chips will be embedded in the bodies or instruments will read your thoughts remotely. These systems will automatically communicate and automate most of the tasks, including communications and phone calls automatically without you being involved.

Can you live without a phone?

Because of the convenience of mobile phones, no doubt that it now becomes a popular tool of every person. Modern life requires everything to happen fast and immediately. As a result, people CANNOT live without cellphone. Hence, people can use mobile phone for many purposes instead of hear and call like in the past.

What cell phone does Elon Musk use?

Musk uses his own phone that was designed by General Electronics and Tesla. It has its own OS called Xeon, and is valued at $7000–$8000.

What is the best dumb phone?

The Top 8 Dumb PhonesRankProduct1Nokia 3310See on Amazon2Binatone BladeSee on Amazon3Nokia Asha 210See on Amazon4Binatone M250See on Amazon4 more rows•Nov 25, 2019

What comes after mobile phones?

The Next Mobile Computing Platform Is Already Emerging….The digital world is no longer confined to a screenVirtual reality (VR) is fully immersive, and places users in a completely digital environment.Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital elements onto a real-world setting (e.g. Pokemon Go).More items…•

What is the next big thing in mobile phones?

Good question. Simply put, 5G networking is the next major evolution of mobile wireless technology. It will empower customers with even faster data connections, … Using smartphones would be a lot faster with mind control.

What is next after mobile technology?

The next catalyst for smartphones could be the possibilities offered by the forthcoming 5G, or fifth generation wireless networks, new form factors or advances in virtual and augmented reality. But some analysts contend that something entirely different may supplant the smartphone.

Is mobile computing the future?

Mobile computing has grown immensely in recent years and it is projected that in the future, mobile computing will control almost all technological activities in the world. This will be projection will be looked at in this research paper. Mobile simply describes a computing device that is not restricted.

What phones do billionaires use?

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, uses quite a lot of phones. In 2012, he appeared with a Blackberry. A few years later, the billionaire switched to using a Samsung model, before choosing Fire Home “homegrown” Amazon itself. However, the scandal revealed private messages that he was using Apple’s iPhone X.