Quick Answer: What Was The Best Selling Single Of The 60s?

What was the best selling single of all time?

White ChristmasIt is notable that, according to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies..

What were the top hits of the 60s?

The Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 Hits of the 1960s ” The Twist” – Chubby Checker. … ” Hey Jude” – The Beatles. … ” The Theme From ‘A Summer Place'” – Percy Faith And His Orchestra. … ” Tossin’ And Turnin'” – Bobby Lewis. … ” I Want To Hold Your Hand” – The Beatles. … ” I’m A Believer” – The Monkees. … ” Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” – The 5th Dimension. … “More items…•

What was the number one song in August 1960?

List of Billboard Hot 100 number ones of 1960No.Issue DateSong32August 1″I’m Sorry”33August 8″Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini”34August 15″It’s Now or Never”August 2248 more rows

What was the number one song in the 60s?

Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry” tops the list at 23 weeks, and at the bottom is the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” which was on the charts for only 10 weeks. During the 1960s, a record was set by Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” for being the only song of the rock and roll era to ever top the charts twice.

Who sold the most records in the 1960s?

The BeatlesThe biggest-selling album of the 1960s was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles—of the top thirteen biggest-selling albums of the decade, ten were by The Beatles, the other three being motion picture soundtracks.

What is the best selling single of the 1960s in the UK?

She Loves YouBetween 1960 and 1969, fourteen singles sold more than one million copies in the UK, of which the biggest-selling was “She Loves You” by the Beatles.

Top 50 Music Artists of the 1960’s The Beatles. Elvis Presley. The Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan. The Beach Boys. Frank Sinatra. Cliff Richard. Ray Charles.More items…

Who has sold the most records ever?

Who Are the Best Selling Artists of All Time? (Updated for 2020)Michael Jackson – 84 million units. … Billy Joel – 84.5 million units. … Led Zeppelin – 111.5 million units. … Eagles – 120 million units.Elvis Presley – 146.5 million units. … Garth Brooks – 156 million units. … The Beatles – 183 million units.More items…•

Who was the best selling American band of the 1960s?

This band sold the most records in America in 1967 with its ‘More…’ album.The Beatles.The Monkees.The Byrds.

Who has the most #1 hits?

The BeatlesThe Beatles have tallied the most No. 1 hits in the 61-year history of the Hot 100, with 20. Their closest competitor is Mariah Carey, with 18.

Who is the greatest male singer of all time?

The 20 best male singers of all time, ranked in order of pure vocal abilityAl Green. … Sam Cooke. … Otis Redding. … Frank Sinatra. … Nat King Cole. … Michael Jackson. … George Michael. … Freddie Mercury. The greatest frontman of all time, also just so happened to possess the greatest male voice of all time.More items…•

the BeatlesThe band that changed the world (In the 1960s) was the Beatles.

In mid-1962 the Rolling Stones started as one of a number of groups increasingly showing blues influence, along with bands like the Animals and the Yardbirds. During 1963, the Beatles and other beat groups, such as the Searchers and the Hollies, achieved great popularity and commercial success in Britain itself.