Quick Answer: What Does Chetori Mean In Farsi?

What does Saram mean?

Sounds like: sah⋅ rahm.


Saram (사람) means ‘person,’ ‘people,’ or ‘human (being)’ in Korean.


ingan, dongmul..

What does Kolba mean in Farsi?

Kolba: hut, dwelling, small/crude shelter.

What does Dil mean in Farsi?

So yes, it is true that Urdu (and Dari as well) borrowed—and preserved—the word dil from (Classical) Persian, meaning “heart”. However, the word has further developed in modern Iranian Persian into děl.

What does Baba Joon mean?

The name of the film, Baba Joon, is a term of endearment similar to ‘papa,’ but it may also express respect for the father of the family.

What does Tashakor mean in Farsi?

Tashakor is used by all Persian speakers as a somewhat formal thank you. … Tashakor is used by all Persian speakers as a somewhat formal thank you.

How are you in Farsi English?

To say “How are you?” in Farsi, say “hale shoma chetor ast.” Other ways to say “How are you?” include “halet chetore” and “haletun chetore.”

How do you greet someone in Farsi?

17 Apr 12 Common Farsi Words & Phrasesسلام – salam – Hi.صبح بخیر – sobh bekheyr – Good morning.عصر بخیر – asr bekheyr – Good evening.خوش آمدید – khosh amadid – Welcome.حال شما چطوره؟ … خوبم – khoobam – I’m doing well.ممنون خیلی – (kheily) mamnoon – Thank you (very much)خداحافظ -khodahafez – Goodbye.More items…

What does bezan mean in Farsi?

some of them are these: 1-bezan be chaak: word by word translate will result this–> bezan:hit(ordering verb) be:to chaak:rip(n) . ” hit the rip” is not what we mean actually it means “scram”

What is Azizam in Farsi?

You can use this word to refer to a lover, or to a friend or family member. In fact, Persians are quite liberal in who they use terms of endearment with, and unlike in the west, its even common to hear male friends call each other by these terms as well. Azizam simply means ‘my dear’. … (I am in love with you, my dear!)

How do you say Miss You in Farsi?

I miss you, means:دلم برایت تنگ شده(Pronunciation); Delam Barayat Tang Shode.

What does Khoobam mean in Farsi?

am good motshakeramkhoobam+am good. motshakeram=thank you. aghaa=sir. 11 years ago • Report.

How do you say beautiful in Iranian?

Both Ziba (زیبا) and Khoshgel (خوشگل) mean beautiful. Ziba is formal, literary and poetic and is at times used as a female name. Khoshgel on the other hand is rather colloquial and not commonly used as a name.

What does Shoma mean in Farsi?

It uses the plural form shoma (“y’all”) rather than the singular form to (“thou, you”), which implies formality, distance, or respect (similar to the T-V distinction of French or Spanish ). It includes the pronoun shoma which is usually omitted in spoken Persian.