Question: How Much Does 1571 Service Cost?

What is the difference between 1471 and 1571?

albeit it only gives the last number.

1471 tells you (if not withheld) the number of who called you last.

1571 as a number to ring to find out who had phoned while we were out..

Do I have to pay for caller ID?

There is no additional charge for caller ID services on cell phones. Most phones that can be purchased in retail stores already come with caller ID capacity.

Do you have to pay extra for caller ID?

Caller identification (ID) is a feature that lets you find out who is calling before you pick up the phone. Unfortunately, landline service providers do not offer free caller ID. You would need to pay extra for this plan. … Caller ID lets you see the name of the person who’s calling you.

Is BT 1571 a free service?

BT Answer 1571 is a network-based answering service. When a new message arrives it reminds you to check your mailbox by placing a variable dial tone on the line. All you have to do to access your mailbox is dial 1571. … It’s good news if you have a BT Business phone line, as 1571 is free.

Do Plusnet charge for 1571?

All packages include the following call features as standard: 1471, 141, Voicemail (1571), Ringback (20p per use), Reminder call (20p per use) and Conference calling (40p per use).

Do you have to pay for Caller ID with BT?

How much do they cost? BT Privacy and Caller Display are free for all BT customers.

What does 141 do before a number?

Withholding your telephone number means that it won’t be available to the person you’re calling. You can ask us to permanently withhold your number, or you can choose to withhold it yourself on a call-by-call basis. To withhold your number on individual calls, just dial 141 before the telephone number you want to call.

Can you disable 1471?

Code 5 will also restrict your ability to access your Call Barring and other Network services such as 1471-3 call return. So you may have to disable 1471, and rely on an answering machine or caller display, if you wand to avoid the extra fee incurred when people press 3.

How do I get free caller ID on my landline?

Incoming calls: How to display and switch off caller IDTo display the caller’s identity on your phone’s call screen, dial *234#.To check whether your phone is set to display the caller’s identity, dial *#234#.To hide the caller’s identity on your phone’s call screen, dial #234#.Note:

How do I use 1571 service?

Dial 1571 from your home phone and select Option 3 to choose your own personal 4 digit PIN. When you’re away from home (in the UK or abroad) dial your home number and wait for 1571 to answer. Then press the * key and enter your PIN to access your messages.

Is BT voicemail free?

BT Call Protect Junk voicemail box With Unwanted calls going into your Junk Voicemail box. And it’s free.

Does BT charge for 1471?

How much does it cost? It’s free to use 1471 to find out the last number that called. If you press ‘3’ to return the call there’s a 35p charge plus the cost of the call.