Question: Does CVS Sell Straight Talk Phones?

Does CVS sell Straight Talk phone cards?

CVS pharmacy store, Walmart, Kroger, Tom thumb, Walmart, target.

But don’t take my word for it.

Call local stores in your area to see if they do carry straight talk refill cards because your area might be different from where you live..

Is Walmart the only store that sells straight talk?

Straight Talk is an exclusive Walmart service developed with TracFone Wireless, Inc. TracFone Wireless currently sells TracFone and NET10 prepaid wireless phones and airtime at Walmart stores and online at

Does CVS have prepaid phones?

LG Black Phoenix 3 Prepaid Smart Phone (each) from CVS Pharmacy® – Instacart.

Does Target sell prepaid phones?

At Target, you will find a wide range of phones and prepaid plans for you to choose from. You can choose based on the phone brands and on the plans, and hit a sweet spot that is easy on your pockets and give you maximum connectivity. … You don’t have to compromise on cell phones either.

Does Family Dollar sell cell phones?

Family Dollar, which has 6,000 locations, is the next retail chain to announce a partnership with T-Mobile following 7-Eleven. … As with the 7-Eleven partnership, T-Mobile will sell its prepaid handset, the GS170 from LG Electronics, which is a basic flip cell phone that costs $30.

Does Walmart sell Straight Talk SIM cards?

Straight Talk Keep Your Own Phone SIM Card Kit – AT&T GSM Compatible Devices – –

Does Target Sell Straight Talk phone cards?

Straight Talk Phone Cards : Target.

Where all can you buy Straight Talk phone cards?

You can purchase a Straight Talk Service Card at participating Wal-Mart retailers. Please go to to find the participating Wal-Mart store nearest you.

How do I refill my Straight Talk phone?

Launch the browser on your Straight Talk phone and select the option “Refill My Account”. If your phone does not have a “Prepaid” menu or the “Refill My Account” option, you can continue to go to or contact our customer care center at 1-877-430-2355 to refill your My Account.

Does Dollar General sell Straight Talk phones?

Purchase a Tracfone plan starting at just $20/mo and get unlimited talk, text and Unlimited Carryover® Data* with nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks. ** Find your next phone and plan in-store at Dollar General. Please note, device selection may vary by store.

Does Walmart sell phone cards?

Straight Talk phone cards –

Is there a straight talk Store?

STRAIGHT TALK™ Phones and Service Plans are available at over 3,000 participating WalMart retailers nationwide.

Does Target sell phone cards?

Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards : Target.

Does Walgreens prepaid phones?

When you want the convenience of a cell phone without the commitment of a long-term contract, you have the option of using prepaid phones. offers cell phones from brands like Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile. …

How do I renew my straight talk?

You can add a Service Card quickly and easily by using one of the following options:Go to your Straight Talk phone’s “Prepaid” menu and select the option “Add Airtime.”Launch the browser on your Straight Talk phone and select the option “Refill My Account.”