Question: Can You Watch Telus TV On Your Phone?

How do I set up Telus Optik TV app?

Set up an account using your Optik TV digital box at homeSelect Menu.Navigate to Settings.Select TV Apps.Select Optik TV Account.Select Create account You will be prompted to enter your email address and will receive an email shortly after..

Can I have Shaw Internet and Telus TV?

Yes you can have telus optic tv and Shaw internet together. I use it this way myself . The only thing that doesn’t work is internet apps through the telus set top boxes. Such as Netflix and YouTube.

How do I watch free movies on Telus Optik?

Browse free TV On Demand content from major networksSelect the On Demand button on your Pik TV remote.Navigate to Free Shows and press OK.

What is the difference between PIK TV and Optik TV?

Pik offers the most popular live TV channels to choose from. You enjoy a variety of channels. Optik offers the most live TV channels, including 4K and kids programming. You use a variety of apps.

How can I watch Optik TV on my phone?

The Optik TV app requires an Android device (OS 6.0 or higher) and an Internet connection.If you have not done so, set up a My TELUS account or Optik TV account.From your Android device, launch Google Play or Play Store. … Type Optik TV into the search field.Select the Optik TV app from the search results. … Select Install.More items…

How do I watch Optik TV?

Get the Optik TV App. Set your My TELUS account to access the Optik TV app.Get the Optik TV App. Download the Optik app from Google Play.Register now. Access the Optik TV App through My TELUS.

How do I get a Telus account?

Registering for My TELUSStep 1: Account information. You can create your new profile on the TELUS website. … Step 2a: Verification code. To confirm your identity, we’ll send you a 6-digit verification code. … Step 2b: Verification code. Enter your 6-digit verification code. … Step 3: Create a profile. … Step 4: Confirmation.

How much does Optik TV cost?

Sign up for Optik TV and Internet for 2 years and get:4K PVRHD Wireless digital boxMonthly rental (on a 2 year service agreement)FREEFREEMonthly rental (no service agreement)$20 per month$5 per monthPurchase$450$150

How does Telus on demand work?

All of the TV on Demand content can be viewed free of charge, as that programming is included with the channel packages that you subscribe to. When you click on the program, it will display a watch button, if that program is available to you. The VOD movie content is generally available for a charge.

How does Netflix work on Telus Optik TV?

As an Optik TV subscriber, you can access Netflix directly through your Optik digital box. Just tune to channel 422. If you’re on the go, you can watch through the Netflix app.

How do I watch Telus TV on my laptop?

You can use your Internet browser to access Optik TV on your laptop or desktop computer. To use the Optik TV app on your computer or laptop you need: A My TELUS or Optik TV account.

Is Optik TV free?

Add Optik TV and Internet to your Mobility service for 2 years and enjoy: A FREE 50” Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV. Peace of mind with unlimited home internet data. A $10 bill credit each month for 24 months, exclusively for valued TELUS or Koodo Mobility customers.

Is Netflix free on Telus Optik TV?

Telus has announced changes to its Optik TV packages, debuting a new option which includes free access to a Netflix 4K Premium plan. … Telus says they will also pay for a customer’s monthly Netflix fee, with the option allowing existing customers of the latter to retain their online profiles.

How can I watch PIK TV on my browser?

You can stream Pik TV on your Apple TV (4th generation and above), via the Pik TV mobile app for iOS and Android, on your computer’s browser at or on the TELUS Pik TV Android media box.

How can I watch Optik TV on my computer?

Now you can watch content included in your subscription and record using a single app on your android, iOS devices or on your browser at can access the Optik TV App through your web browser on your MAC or PC at … Use your My TELUS username & password to log in.More items…

How many shows can you record at once with Telus Optik?

6 programsYou can record up to 6 programs simultaneously from anywhere in your home on your TELUS Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

How do I use Telus PVR?

PVR Anywhere explainedPress the stop button on your remote while you are watching a recorded show.Go to another TV and turn on the digital box.Press the rec TV or Recorded TV button.Use the arrow buttons to select the same show.Select Resume play to start viewing the recording from where you left off.