How Do I Delete My Lazada History?

How do I delete my order history on wish?

How to clear Wish order historyFirst of all, they should go to the options and then select the one that says “Order History”.Now, you can see the complete list of all the orders you have placed in Wish.Now, simply press on the paper icon for disposal..

How do I turn off lazada notifications?

Go to your phone setting, search for “Manage Notifications’, search for Lazada, disable [message channel with sound].

How can I change my contact details in lazada?

How can I update my phone number on Lazada?Step 1 : Click on ‘Account’ and then on the gear icon at the right-hand corner of the page.Step 2 : You will arrive at the Settings page. Click on ‘Account Information’. … Step 3 : You will be asked for a verification, either through e-mail or SMS.

What is the meaning of shipping address?

Shipping addresses are the address to which you would like your order shipped. Mailing addresses are the address where you currently receive mail. Billing addresses are the address on the credit card that is being used to place the order. The mailing address and billing address will be the same for most people.

How do you delete zomato history?

To delete an order:Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders.Select the orders that you want to delete.Click Mass update and Delete selected.Confirm your choice and the selected orders will be removed from your order history.

How do I delete messages in lazada?

How do I delete chat messages or conversations?Tap and hold on to the chat bubble.Select ‘Delete message’ and your message will be deleted for both parties!

How do I post a review on lazada?

Click on the ‘Write a Review’ button on your Order. You will be redirected to the ‘Write Review’ page, where you can leave a rating/review for the Seller. Note: You will also receive push notifications from the app that reminding you to leave a review. Clicking on them will direct you to the ‘Write Review’ page.

How do I delete my address from lazada?

How do I edit my shipping address ?Step 1 : Click on ‘Account’, and then on the gear icon.Step 2 : You will arrive at the Settings page. Click on ‘Address Book’.Step 3 : You will then see a list of your shipping addresses. Click on the edit button to edit an address. Click ‘Save’ once you have made changes.

How do I delete a Google account?

Step 3: Delete your accountGo to the left, click Data and personalization.Scroll to “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.”Click Delete a service or your account.Click Delete your account.

Does the billing address show up on the package?

Will billing address be on package? Billing addresses must match what the card issuing bank has on file, or the attempted purchase may not go through. … The billing address is different than the shipping address, which is the address where packages get delivered to.

How can I delete my lazada review?

Can I edit my reviews and ratings on Lazada?Step 2: You will arrive at the ‘My Reviews’ page. Click on the ‘History’ tab and then, click ‘Edit’ on the review that you want to edit.Step 3: You will then be able to edit and make changes to your review and rating. … Note: You can only edit your review and rating once.

Can I change my shipping address after it’s been shipped?

You can change your shipping address after you place an order as long as the item has not shipped. Typically, you can only do this the same day an order was placed because items are shipped as fast as possible. If an item has already been processed for shipping, you will not be able to change the address.

Can I delete my lazada account?

You may request to deactivate your Lazada account by contacting us via “Chat Now”. Please note that your account cannot be deactivated if you have an active order outstanding on your account.

How do I delete my Swiggy history?

Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders. Select the orders that you want to delete. Click Mass update and Delete selected. Confirm your choice and the selected orders will be removed from your order history.

How do I unsubscribe from lazada?

To unsubscribe from our promotional emails, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our emails or via your Lazada personal account settings on the Lazada website or mobile app.

How do I clear my uber eat history?

To delete a ride from your history, go to the app menu → Ride history. Select the ride you want to delete. After the ride information, tap Delete ride and choose Delete.

How do I delete my uber eat history?

About This ArticleOpen Uber.Tap the three-line menu icon.Tap Settings.Tap Privacy.Tap Delete Your Account.