30+ Keto Recipes to Optimize Your Health Journey

  1. My Keto journey: Losing 13 kilos the fat way
  2. So what is the Keto diet?
  3. How did I start?
  4. My main issues with food…
  5. A day of Keto
  6. Why I will stick with the Keto diet
  7. Cons
  8. Breaking Keto
  9. 7-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for busy people
  10. What is the Keto Diet about?
  11. Why did I choose Keto to lose my baby weight?
  12. Health Advantages
  13. Foods we can eat on Keto
  14. 1. Protein:
  15. 2. Fats & Oils:
  16. 3. Carbs:
  17. Foods we should avoid on Keto
  18. 7-day Keto Meal Plan for busy people
  19. MONDAY
  20. The A-Z Guide to Keto Weight Loss: How Fast You Can Get Results
  21. What Factors Impact Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Results?
  22. #1: Your Current Weight 
  23. #2: Your Lifestyle
  24. #3: The Quality and Quantity of Sleep
  25. #4: How Closely You Stick to Keto
  26. How Much Weight Will You Lose on Keto?
  27. Phase 1 of Weight Loss on Keto
  28. Phase 2 of Weight Loss on Keto
  29. Phase 3 of Weight Loss on Keto
  30. What if You’re Not Experiencing Weight Loss on Keto?
  31. Here’s to Health with the Keto Lifestyle
  32. The Keto Diet: 7-Day Menu and Comprehensive Food List
  33. 20 Keto Diet Meals You Can Make Ahead of Time
  34. 27 Best Restaurants for Keto Diet Followers
  35. 12 Ways to Do the Keto Diet on a Budget
  36. The Keto Sisters: How the High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Brought Me and My Sister Together
  37. How a Mindset Shift Helped 1 Woman Lose 150 Pounds on the Keto Diet
  38. On Keto? 8 Signs the High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Isn't Right for You
  39. For Weight Loss, Keto Diet May Help Men More Than Women, Mice Study Finds
  40. A Cheat Day on the Keto Diet May Damage Your Blood Vessels
  41. Microwave Keto Garlic Bread Recipe
  42. Avocado Deviled Eggs Recipe
  43. Mini Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Recipe
  44. Chocolate, Almond, and Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe
  45. Kale Salad with Salmon and Lemon-Avocado Dressing Recipe
  46. Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Thighs Recipe
  47. 12 Keto Blogs to Keep You Motivated When All You Want Is a Carb Fest
  48. How to Maintain Your Health and Weight Loss Results After the Keto Diet
  49. Intermittent Fasting on Keto: What to Know Before Combining the Diets for Weight Loss

My Keto journey: Losing 13 kilos the fat way

30+ Keto Recipes to Optimize Your Health Journey
Dona's Keto transformation Image Credit: GN

I weighed 76 kilos at a height of 154cms just three months ago. From September 16 to now, I am 13 kilos lighter, free of insulin resistance and loving the new shopping experience.

I do have to say, in retrospect, I was in denial of how bad the extra weight was for me. Skimming the higher indices of overweight BMI, with just a few points to obese territory, I was definitely too heavy for my height. While not one for basing everything on limited indices such as the BMI, I would be lying if I said I was just fine as I was.

How I looked before I went on Keto Image Credit: DC

Mid first week in September, one of our colleagues wrote in an account of the Keto diet and how it turned his life around. Being the sceptics we were, our editor encouraged us to try the diet out and document the changes, good or bad, or the lack thereof. I decided to give it a go on September 16 – and a weekend prior spent some time researching the diet itself.

So what is the Keto diet?

An extremely low carb-high fat diet, the Keto diet is one where you are allowed only around 20-50g of net carbs (total carbs – dietary fibre) a day.

The diet is a namesake for the process that the body goes through called ketosis or ketogenesis – a state where the liver produces acidic ketones and burns fat for energy due to the lack of carbohydrates in the diet.

Fat fuels you, with the ketones, and your body starts burning stored fats for energy.

It takes your body days to get into this fat-burning mode, usually 4 to 5 days. According to experts, once you’re in ketosis, your body retrains itself to stop depending on non-existent carbs for energy and switches to burning ketones and stored fat sources.

Now what’s so hard about it, you may ask. A decent-sized banana has 27 grams of carbs, which is basically all the carbs you could have on this diet on a single day. The key to this diet is having loads of fat, at least 75 per cent of all your calories.

Add to all this the fact that I am a South Indian and we don’t understand the concept of any meal without rice or some rice-sourced ingredient. Idiyappam, puttu, appams, steamed brown rice, biriyani, rotis, dosas, idlis – basically everything I eat on a normal day would have to be avoided if I were to start this.

I do think I wouldn’t have done it if there wasn’t a work element to it. Three months later, 13 kilos lighter, I don’t regret it at all.

How did I start?

During the first week, I definitely had apprehensions. According to my chosen diet, I could have 20 grams of net carbs, 65 grams of protein and around 80 grams of fat.

I am not a huge fan of cheese, or chunks of butter floating around in my coffee – so I knew getting enough fat into my system would be hard. Too much protein is also not recommended on the diet, so eating chicken for all meals would be a strict no-no.

My options included eggs, lean or fatty protein, cheese of various kinds, heavy cream, butter, ghee, fatty nuts, coconut oil, small amounts of berries, non-starchy vegetables including greens, and almond or coconut flour.

I wasn’t allowed any carbs including grains or grain-based foods such as rice, wheat, oats, fruits, starchy vegetables, low fat foods, skimmed milk or yoghurt, and most importantly, sugar.

For my own version of the diet, I do drink limited quantities of full-fat milk, which some Keto experts do not encourage as it could kick you the ketosis process. It seemed to work for me as long as I kept an eye on portions.

Dona after she lost 13kgs Image Credit: Clint Egbert, GN Photographer

You do have to keep your water intake steadily high so as to maintain healthy ketone levels, or your body could go into ketoacidosis which is a serious condition and could be fatal.

My main issues with food…

Spice. As a Malayali, I grew up eating really spicy food. Popular diets have put me off before because what other people might find tasty, I usually find bland and uninteresting. I knew I had to find a way to add spice in without compromising on the rules of the diet, or I would give up very soon.

Eggs I have always been wary of having too many egg yolks, so I always limit my intake to a maximum of two whole eggs a day.

Cheese I had to find one or two variants of cheese that I d. Contrary to popular belief, not all of India loves cottage cheese (paneer). Paneer has never been cooked or served at my home ever.

Milk I had to have coffee with milk, so I went the off-route by deciding to keep it in the diet but in limited quantities but always full cream or full fat.

Fat other than coconut oil, we never use cooking fats much at all. Cooking with butter and ghee were always discouraged and now I had to re-train my hand and brain to be generous.

A day of Keto

From the first day of Keto and then every day to this day, I start my day with two eggs, usually boiled and sometimes fried in a generous spoon of ghee. For lunch, I usually have a protein such as fish or chicken along with some cheese or butter. Dinner is light, with microwave almond ‘bread’ and cheese or a nice sweet dessert – yes, dessert.

My daily pantry items are almond flour (I get mine loose for Dh66 a kilo at supermarkets, don’t go for the shiny packaging and labels), eggs, ghee, coconut oil, full fat milk (200 ml or less daily), cheddar cheese slices, heavy cream, unsweetened cocoa and Stevia sugar substitute.

The key, for me, to stay Keto was to not have an iron-clad meal plan in my head, I needed to have the option of switching things around at a moment’s notice.

Three recipes making my Keto journey amazing

A chicken breast, pan seared, sliced three-fourths through stuffed with a mixture of parmesan, mozzarella and sliced chilli and garlic. Use tooth picks to secure the stuffing as the chicken cooks through.

Into a tin of chilled thickened unflavoured cream, add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and two teaspoons of stevia sweetener. This is enough dessert for two servings for one. You could also use heavy cream with cocoa and sweetener – shake the heavy cream mixture until slightly thickened and freeze to get Keto-friendly icecream.

Use your favourite coffee mug for this one. Add in three tablespoons of almond flour, one egg and a pinch of salt (skip the salt if you plan on adding cheese later). Mix well and cook in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute to get bread. You could eat this with just cheese but I to use one tablespoon of schezwan chilly sauce (3 grams of carbs) and some parmesan cheese or a cheese slice.

Why I will stick with the Keto diet

1. I got measured for my wedding gown right after losing around 8 kilos, so I have to keep it up until January 14 to make sure I have a non-bridezilla wedding.

2. I find the strict rules of the diet comforting because it helps me stay on track – there is no grey area.

3. I have found ways to keep my tummy and mind happy – for example, I still have a burger sometimes, just without the bun. Trust me, it tastes just as good with all the dressings on there.

4. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance which made dark pigmentations appear on my neck and face – both resistance and pigmentation have disappeared.

5. My body feels light even after heavy Keto meals.


1. The first two weeks are not easy.

2. The diet is definitely strict with no concept of a cheat, unless you decide to go in and ketosis.

3. This may not work positively for everyone. Always consult a doctor before attempting the diet as it is an extreme one.

4. You lose out on key vitamins and minerals that fruits, vegetables and grains are abundant in.

If you decide to try this diet, my only tip is to be patient; not just for results but for a method that works for you. With your doctor’s advice find variants that work for your taste buds and your macro requirements.

Breaking Keto

After Keto, I am determined to still avoid sugar in processed forms. If I do I have rice or wheat, this would be weekly and in small quantities. I aim to take away the self-control and nutrition-reading ability from Keto to apply on a balanced diet that works for me. Some of the weight I lost may come back but I would rather it be through healthy food in a healthy timeframe.

Source: https://gulfnews.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/my-keto-journey-losing-13-kilos-the-fat-way-1.1547021072772

7-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for busy people

30+ Keto Recipes to Optimize Your Health Journey

Extra weight, anyone? Believe me, I know what that means. I have personally gained during my 2 pregnancies +30 kg, respectively +27 kg. I used to think from really popular online sources that exercising and consuming low-fat foods was the key to losing weight. Guess what? That is actually not true.

What is the Keto Diet about?

It is not a newly invented crash diet actually, as we might be tempted to think after all of its recent popularity. The ketogenic diet goes way back to the 1920s when doctors used it to control epilepsy seizures. If you’re unfamiliar with this diet, it’s basically a low carb, high-fat diet.

It is a diet that burns fat from your body instead of carbs. For example, if you eat a very low carb diet (5%), lots of protein (20%) and good fat (75%), your body will enter Ketosis and it will start using your body fat for energy. Here you can find some expert information about the Keto diet if you want to know all the details, presented to you by certified people.

So  basically on Keto, you are actually allowed to have bacon and eggs. Fried in butter. With a sprinkle of mozzarella.

Why did I choose Keto to lose my baby weight?

First of all, let me start by saying that I personally do not believe in dieting that make us starve, but more in a lifestyle of healthy food and exercise choices. However, I have slipped into the carb jar for a really long time, binge eating a lot before and during the pregnancy. Sugary stuff mostly.

The big problem is that fructose in sugar is the worse because it makes us even more hungry. What it does is it causes our bodies to become resistant to our main appetite suppression hormones, insulin and leptin. So when these 2 no longer do their job, our appetite is not shut-down when it should be and we just keep eating. Ouch!

This is exactly how I got myself almost 30 extra kilos in the first pregnancy. And I was no short of side effects, feeling tired and focus all of the time, even with proper sleep.

I tried Keto 3 months after having my first daughter and the effects of quitting carbs were instantly awesome for me.

I mean, not instantly, because the first time I tried it, I had a really violent case of Keto Flu during the first 48 h.

But right after the first low-carb week, I was super active, energetic and I almost instantly lost my fatigue. I also lost almost all of my first baby weight with a standard 4-month Keto diet.

I got pregnant pretty fast with my second baby and during this pregnancy, I craved and ate so much more than I should have. The same principle, eating sugary stuff and feeling extra hungry all day long.

Which is why I am personally on a journey of getting my body and health back in shape after our second baby.

Your reason could be similar or different, but if you decide on keto, you are in the right place to get more info and support.

Health Advantages

First of all, contrary to the myths we have been hearing and seeing in the media in the last decades, fat is not the enemy! At least not the healthy fat. Sugar & carbs, however, are.

The Keto diet has a whole list of health advantages, including weight loss, memory improvement and mental focus.

Studies show it helps fight or reduce symptoms for epilepsy, inflammation, Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, and migraines.

Foods we can eat on Keto

There are plenty of foods that are allowed on a ketogenic diet. Here are the main ones:

1. Protein:

a) Meats:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Ham
  • Pork
  • Hot dogs
  • Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Lobster
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Wild meats

b) Dairy:

  • Butter
  • Cottage cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Heavy cream
  • Most types of cheeses (Feta, Gouda, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Swiss etc)
  • Plain yogurt
  • Sour cream
  • Whipped cream

2. Fats & Oils:

a) Oils:

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil

b) Seeds and Nuts:

  • Brazil nuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Pecans
  • Pine nuts
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds

3. Carbs:

a) Veggies:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Green beans
  • Radishes
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini

b) Fruits:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Avocado

Foods we should avoid on Keto

Keto is great, but you still can´t have your cake and eat it too. Tasty as they might be, these foods should be avoided at all cost if you want to keep your ketosis state:

  • Grains & Gluten (Pasta, Pastries, Cereals)
  • Processed and refined fats vegetable oils and margarine
  • Fruits
  • Sugar
  • Processed treats (Cookies, chocolate bars, and ice cream)
  • Soda & Juice
  • Legumes & Soy
  • Factory Processed Meats
  • Low-Fat Foods
  • Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

7-day Keto Meal Plan for busy people

I will share with you a 7 keto meal plan that I have been pretty much eating weekly in the last 6 weeks and with which I lost already 7 kg. Of course, I am aware most of this is just water. And of course, people lose weight differently. But what is special about this 7-day meal plan is that it is crafted for people who are busy and cannot spend hours in the kitchen.

Having 2 kids under 2, a household to deal with, budgeting, shopping and working from home on your projects, all at the same time, can keep you very busy.

So I know straight of the bat that complicated recipes and meal plans will not work for us now. I also know that some keto recipes might look tasty on Pinterest and you want to have all of those yummy looking pancakes that pretty much promise that you will feel you are not on a diet.

My personal experience is that it’s way better to start simple, get used to a simple keto diet and introduce more complex keto recipes as you go along. There are so many awesome recipes out there after you get into a routine. You can find 125 additional keto-friendly recipes here.

However, for the first month, for me, the key thing was to keep it simple, tasty and make sure it is also something my family can eat along.

I mean, my husband gladly eats all of the stuff on the menu and we also do not have a problem with repetition during the week. It is one choice less on the list, so we can focus your will power on getting difficult things done during the day. There is plenty to eat on a Keto diet and I personally do not starve or feel hungry after meals.

Click here to download a high-resolution version of the 7-day Ketogenic diet meal plan and feel free to print it out.


  • 3 egg omelet with butter and cheese
  • Coffee with cream
  • Small yogurt with cinnamon and erythritol
  • Grilled chicken & cauliflower or broccoli in butter with  cheese and garlic
  • 3 egg omelet with butter and cheese
  • Coffee with cream
  • Small yogurt with cinnamon and erythritol
  • Chicken salad with cheese and olive oil
  • Pork steak & baked zucchini with parmesan
  • 3 egg omelet with butter and cheese
  • Coffee with cream
  • Grilled fish & baked zucchini with parmesan
  • Chicken meatballs fried in coconut oil
  • Yogurt, berries & nuts
  • Coffee with cream
  • Chicken meatballs fried in coconut oil
  • Grilled chicken & cauliflower or broccoli in butter with  cheese and garlic
  • Bacon and Eggs with Avocado
  • Coffee with cream
  • Baked chicken leg and tight and cabbage salad
  • Baked Salmon & Asparagus with Parmesan
  • Coconut flakes, yogurt and fruit
  • Coffee with cream
  • Chicken with spinach and cheese
  • 3 egg omelet with butter and cheese
  • Coffee with cream
  • Small yogurt with cinnamon and erythritol
  • Grilled chicken & cauliflower or broccoli in butter with  cheese and garlic

Good luck on your weight loss journey! You can do it!

* This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

Source: https://digital-train.net/7-day-keto-diet-meal-plan-for-busy-people/

The A-Z Guide to Keto Weight Loss: How Fast You Can Get Results

30+ Keto Recipes to Optimize Your Health Journey

There are many reasons people start a low-carb, high-fat diet keto, but the biggest reason is for keto weight loss. 

There are plenty of case studies, impressive before and after photos, and even controversy surrounding the ketogenic diet’s application for weight management and fat loss. 

Maybe you’ve read Tabitha’s story, who lost 10 pounds in just 30 days on the Keto 30 Challenge and 60 pounds overall. Or maybe you’ve followed along with Josie’s keto weight loss journey, who lost over 80 pounds on keto without even exercising:

But then you hear conflicting opinions, Jillian Michaels, saying keto doesn’t work.

We’re going to clear up the confusion and answer the big questions: how much weight you can lose, how fast you can lose it, and who can lose weight with keto. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s helpful to know the following:

  • The individual factors that can impact your weight loss
  • How much weight, on average, you can expect to lose during your ketogenic journey
  • Ways to optimize your weight loss

Want to lose weight with the ketogenic diet? Join 10,000+ participants in the Keto 30 Challenge for FREE:

Before looking at what kind of weight loss to expect on the ketogenic diet, it’s helpful to touch briefly on the major benefits of weight loss in general. Losing weight will help you look and feel better, but there is much more at stake. Understanding what is at stake will help you persevere when the diet becomes tough and cravings kick in.

According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight, which means they are more ly to suffer from a number of weight-related health issues:

  • Osteoarthritis — The more body weight you carry around with you, the more strain you experience on your joints and in the cartilage that protects the ends of your bones. This causes pain and stiffness, especially as you get older.
  • High Cholesterol — Those who are overweight and obese tend to have high levels of LDL (the bad kind of cholesterol) and lower levels of HDL (the good kind of cholesterol). This increases the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Liver Disease — If fat builds up in the liver, it can cause major liver damage. Doctors say those who are overweight are much more ly to develop cirrhosis, which could shut down the liver completely.
  • Cancer — While we can’t say that being obese or overweight causes cancer, consistent evidence indicates that higher levels of body fat are associated with increased risks for certain types of cancer, including breast cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, and endometrial cancer. In fact, overweight women are two to four times more ly to develop endometrial cancer (a type of cancer that begins in the uterus).
  • Type 2 Diabetes — Belly fat is linked to insulin resistance, which means it inhibits your body’s ability to take glucose the bloodstream and use it for energy. This causes your blood sugar levels to rise which could eventually lead to diabetes, a disease that affects your heart, eyes, nerves and more.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even modest weight loss — anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of your body weight — can provide huge health benefits including improvements in blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Furthermore, a study in the National Weight Control Registry cited that participants who maintained significant weight loss reported increased “energy levels, physical mobility, general mood, and self-confidence.

” In other words, losing weight on the keto diet won’t just help you look better, it will be better for your overall health, energy, mood, and confidence. Keeping all of this in mind will help you stay motivated on your ketogenic journey.

What Factors Impact Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Results?

Let’s say you were to start a diet, and you had about 30 pounds to lose. You stuck to the diet plan closely for the entire month, and only indulged in your favorite sweet treat once, on your anniversary. Even then, you chose a low-carb, keto dessert (no-bake keto cheesecake, anyone?).

You ate at a caloric deficit and made a point to move your body daily, whether for a quick walk or hitting the gym or yoga studio.

Let’s say your friend Jennifer started the ketogenic diet with you. She had about 15 pounds to lose. She had weekly cheat days on keto and didn’t track her caloric intake or macros very closely.

In this scenario, you’d lose weight more rapidly than Jennifer. Not only because you stuck to your keto meal plan (though that’s an important factor). But also because of the following factors, and then some.

#1: Your Current Weight 

To lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit which means you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Your current weight is the number one determining factor for how fast you’ll be able to lose weight on keto. This is because the heavier you are, the higher your metabolic rate is (your ability to burn calories in a given day). Keto-ers with more weight to lose typically lose weight faster and more easily in the initial stages than those who don’t weigh as much.

#2: Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle encompasses: 

  • How much sleep you get
  • How much water you consume in a day
  • The quantity and quality of the micronutrients and minerals you’re taking in
  • Your activity level
  • Your occupation

These are all key factors when it comes to weight loss. The more drastic the changes in these areas, the more ly you are to witness dramatic changes in your weight. 

#3: The Quality and Quantity of Sleep

Sleep is crucial for weight loss. According to Dr. Craig Primack, a member of the national board of directors for the Obesity Medicine Association, “People who sleep less than seven hours per night tend to have slower metabolisms,” which means they aren’t burning as many calories as they could be.

This has a lot to do with your body’s hormonal balance and response, and how micro and macronutrients are used in the body.

#4: How Closely You Stick to Keto

Some research has shown that those who stick closely to a ketogenic diet to the extent that their bodies enter a state of ketosis, which is when your body begins to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs (glucose) lose body fat more rapidly than those who do not, but still stick to the same caloric deficit.

How Much Weight Will You Lose on Keto?

The good news for those interested in the ketogenic diet is that it is an extremely effective method for weight loss for a number of reasons:

  1. It turns your body into a fat-burning machine
  2. The high-fat nature of the diet is more satiating, which means you’ll get fuller faster and stay fuller longer. One of the reasons people love keto is because they don’t feel hungry or deprived even though they’re eating fewer meals and consuming fewer calories.
  3. You’ll feel more energized, which will do wonders for your ability to exercise more efficiently. Many people also report having improved mental clarity and focus while eating keto.

With the importance of weight loss in the back of your mind, and an understanding of some of the factors that impact weight loss, we can now look at the amount of weight you can expect to lose on keto. This guide is the assumption that someone is following a strict keto diet where 75% of their calories come from fat, 20% comes from protein, and 5% comes from carbohydrates.

Phase 1 of Weight Loss on Keto

Time: Weeks 1-2

Anticipated Weight Loss: Rapid weight loss – up to 10 pounds (of water)

As you start removing carbohydrates from your body, your body will begin using the glycogen stored in your liver and muscles as its primary fuel source. This is exactly what you want, because once your body gets through the glycogen, it will start burning fat instead of glucose. And when this happens, you’ve made it to the holy land: ketosis. We’ll talk more about this in Phase 2.

During this first phase, people can expect to lose anywhere from 2 to 7 pounds of water weight.

Some people may even lose up to 10 pounds! Studies indicate that each gram of glycogen in human muscle is bound to about 3 grams of water. So, as your body burns through the glycogen, it also rids your body of water.

Even though you’ll be losing mostly water weight in these early stages, this is a great sign that you are on your way to achieving ketosis.

It is important to note that while you’re in this first phase, you’ll want to make sure to drink extra water to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated.

Additionally, you may also notice flu- symptoms — nausea, vomiting, tiredness, and maybe even some irritability. This is what people call the keto flu and could last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Don’t fret.

This is simply a sign that your body is getting adjusted to a new fuel source i.e. transitioning to fat-burning mode.

Phase 2 of Weight Loss on Keto

Time: Weeks 2-4

Anticipated Weight Loss: Average weight loss – 1 to 2 pounds per week

After the initial drop in weight due to water loss, your body will then begin to adapt to using fat as its main energy source. At this stage, you’re becoming “fat adapted.

” This is the point in the process when you achieve a state of ketosis, meaning your body switches from using glycogen as its fuel source to using fat. When your body starts burning fat for energy, it produces ketones (also called ketone bodies).

You can test your body’s level of ketones to determine whether or not you’re in ketosis.

During this fat-burning stage, you can expect to lose a consistent 1-2 pounds per week. You’ll also begin to feel less hungry in this stage because the fat you’re consuming will make you feel more full. This will give your weight loss process a huge boost because you’ll have an easier time eating fewer calories.

Phase 3 of Weight Loss on Keto

TIme: 1-3 months and beyond

Anticipated Weight Loss: Slower weight loss – potentially 1 to 2 pounds per week

Once you’ve gone into ketosis, you’re going to feel you’ve reached enlightenment. Well, almost. You’ll definitely feel you have more physical and mental energy and endurance, and any carb cravings you may have experienced in the beginning will disappear.

In this phase, you may continue to lose 1-2 pounds per week, or it could slow down. If your weight loss slows down, that’s okay! Remember, as you lose weight, your metabolism will slow down a little as well.

Your caloric needs will also lower, which means you’ll have to eat less to maintain your deficit. Stick with it.

The CDC suggests that people who lose weight gradually and steadily at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week are more successful at keeping that weight off.

What if You’re Not Experiencing Weight Loss on Keto?

The ketogenic way of eating is an extremely effective weight loss method, but every person is different. Don’t compare yourself to the drastic before and after photos you see online. If you don’t experience the weight loss you’re seeking, stay positive and make sure you’re following these tips:

  1. Watch out for hidden carbs — Carbs are everywhere, especially in processed food. If you’re consuming more than the recommended amount of carbs (5% of your calories), your body will revert to burning those as opposed to burning fat. Try to stick to wholesome, unprocessed foods and be very careful about what you’re putting in your body. Read the nutrition facts on all your food and use our carb counter to help you monitor your carb intake. Know the difference between net carbs and total carbs. Net carbs = total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols. To achieve and stay in ketosis, most people have to keep net carbs around 25 grams per day.
  2. Don’t eat too much protein — In addition to limiting your carb intake, you need to limit your protein intake as well. You should aim for about 20% of your calories to come from protein. If you eat more than that, your body will turn the excess protein into glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. Your body will then try to burn this glucose off instead of fat and will kick your body ketosis.
  3. Make sure you’re in ketosis — To reach your optimal weight loss goals, you must stay in ketosis. The nice thing about the keto diet is that you can measure whether your body is in ketosis by measuring the ketones being produced. For an in-depth look at the different ways to measure your ketones, check out our guide here.
  4. Keep moving — In addition to ketosis, the best thing you can do for your weight-loss journey and your overall health is to get moving! It’s extremely easy to wake up, go to work, sit at a desk all day, come home, and then sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. But when you do this, you aren’t burning calories you should if you want to lose weight. For best results, take up a combination of resistance training and cardio. Building muscle will give your metabolism a boost since muscle in your body burns more calories than fat, and cardio will further help you burn calories. And even if you don’t want to go to the gym or get outside for a run, try to get in a 30-minute walk 3-4 times per week. A 30-minute walk at a brisk pace can help you burn about 150 calories. Plus, working out will boost your mood and help you stay motivated on your health journey.

Here are more ways to break a weight loss plateau and the ten most common mistakes on the keto diet which could be preventing weight loss.

Here’s to Health with the Keto Lifestyle

While each person’s keto journey will be unique, the fact remains: going keto is an effective way to shed extra weight and kickstart a life with better health. You’ll look better, feel better, and perform better in everyday life.

But as with any diet, there will be times when the weight effortlessly slips off, and other times when the weight stubbornly hangs on. When you hit those weight loss stalls, the best thing to do is stick with it and stay on track.

The ketogenic diet works and the health benefits of losing weight could transform your life.

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