What Do We Know About Adrafinil? Potential Uses and Side-Effects

Adrafinil Dosage: What to Know Before You Get Started

What Do We Know About Adrafinil? Potential Uses and Side-Effects

A powerful nootropic that promotes wakefulness, adrafinil is one of the most popular drugs on the market for those looking to get an edge and maximize the amount of time that they are awake and productive each day.

Compared to other stimulants, adrafinil is a much safer option that presents far fewer side effects.

Even so, it’s critical that you understand this powerful drug fully before you begin adding it to your regimen. While it’s regarded as safer than many alternatives, there are still some caveats to be aware of.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at everything you need to know about adrafinil and adrafinil dosage.

Adrafinil is a non-amphetamine psychostimulant that is designed to keep you alert and promote wakefulness. Developed in France in 1974, adrafinil was stumbled upon by accident. French scientists tasked with developing new analgesics found that adrafinil produced psychostimulant- effects in animal testing.

Shortly after that, the scientists began testing modafinil, which proved even more effective than adrafinil at a lower dosage. Realizing that these new compounds could prove to be an effective treatment for degenerative neurological diseases Alzheimer’s or Dementia, further research was conducted, and both adrafinil and modafinil made it to market.

While modafinil is available with a prescription in most parts of the world, adrafinil is an unscheduled substance which can be purchased over-the-counter in most parts of the world, including the United States, the UK, and Canada.

Both drugs have been used to treat a variety of issues, including dementia and narcolepsy, and they also are a favorite of nootropics users who are looking to gain an edge in their everyday lives.

As a psychostimulant, adrafinil helps keep you awake, alert, and more capable of being productive. Most importantly, since it’s not amphetamine-based, it doesn’t carry nearly as many side effects of other drugs which provide similar benefits.

Adrafinil in its original form, is useless to us, but it’s a precursor to modafinil. As a precursor, adrafinil converts to another compound in the liver once it’s ingested. In this case, it becomes modafinil. Once converted to modafinil, it’s ready for use.

Much of the original dose of adrafinil is lost in the conversion process, leaving whatever is left to be used as modafinil.

This fact helps illuminate why modafinil became the favored version, since it’s immediately bioavailable, and doesn’t require conversion by the liver.

But, since adrafinil is so much easier for most people to obtain, it’s become the more popular version within the nootropic community.

Once absorbed, adrafinil quickly converts to modafinil within about an hour. While it has a very short half-life, once converted to modafinil, the half-life becomes 12-15 hours. For this reason, it’s best to take adrafinil in the morning, as opposed to later in the day.

Researchers have suggested that modafinil increases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine while also increasing histamine release, increasing glutamate, and reducing GABA. These factors are responsible for the effects of adrafinil, which not only helps users feel more alert and awake while also affecting alertness, focus, and reaction time.

You may be thinking, “why don’t people just take modafinil instead of adrafinil if it’s more effective?” The answer to that lies in how the two drugs are scheduled.

In most countries, modafinil is classified as a prescription drug. Depending on the country, it may be used to treat things narcolepsy, dementia, or other diseases. While most doctors would agree that adrafinil does provide nootropic benefits, those benefits aren’t recognized as cause for a prescription. So, for the nootropic community, modafinil is rarely an option.

Meanwhile, adrafinil is largely unclassified in most parts of the world. In France, it was available by prescription until the producer discontinued the drug in 2011. As an unscheduled substance, adrafinil is available at many online retailers.

So, while adrafinil may not be as effective as modafinil, you can still realize the benefits of modafinil by taking adrafinil.

From its use as a treatment for certain diseases and illnesses to its usage as a nootropic, there are a variety of reasons to consider adrafinil, and a large body of research suggests that adrafinil or modafinil have many benefits that we’re only beginning to understand. While virtually all the research about these two drugs centers around modafinil, it’s still applicable to adrafinil as well.

The main draw of adrafinil is it’s stimulating effect that helps keep you alert and focused. In studies of sleep-deprived individuals, modafinil seemed to dramatically increase the reaction time and short-term memory of the test group, suggesting that when you’re crashing, adrafinil may be able to keep you focused and effective.

As an age-related cognitive decline treatment, modafinil seemed to help a large test group of older individuals complete basic daily tasks more easily compared to the control group. Other studies have suggested that modafinil assists in memory formation and recall and exhibits a neuroprotective effect as well.

Adrafinil may even be able to help fight the effects of depression. Compared with a test group that was provided antidepressants, the modafinil group found that their symptoms of depression were reduced. The same held true for the group that took antidepressants, although that group experienced many more side effects than the modafinil group.

Depending on the user, there is a variance in adrafinil dosage. Reddit users suggest a dosage of 200-600mg per day, with 1,200 being the absolute highest dose. The adrafinil maximum dose for most people is 900mg, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a benefit to increasing your dosage beyond that. In fact, you’re much more ly to experience side effects with a dosage that high.

Adrafinil tablets and capsules are most commonly available in 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg sizes. Powdered adrafinil is also available, and for an adrafinil powder dosage, users typically weigh out the proper dosage into capsules. It’s a bit of extra work, but making your own capsules is a great way to save money.

Preliminary research suggests that peak adrafinil levels are reached in the blood about an hour after a dose is administered. After two hours, the peak effects of the drug can be felt. While the peak effects of modafinil last for around 4-6 hours, the long half-life of modafinil means that after-effects can be felt for as long as another six hours.

Considering that, most users take their dosage immediately in the morning, to avoid any complications with sleeping when it’s time for bed.

One exceptionally important clarification to make about an adrafinil dosage compared to modafinil is that since modafinil is utilized by the body quicker and more effectively, much smaller doses are necessary. For example, Provigil, which is the prescription name for modafinil in the United States, is available in 100 and 200mg tablets. The recommended daily dose is 200mg.

Whether you’re taking adrafinil, or any nootropic, as a new user, you should be especially vigilant and exercise caution with any new drug you’re taking. You have plenty of time to decide if adrafinil is right for you, so start with a dose on the lowest end of the spectrum and ramp up from there.

For most beginners, a dose of 200-300mg per day is ideal. From there, you can ramp up the dosage until you’ve reached the desired effect.

One of the many reasons why adrafinil and modafinil are popular is that they provide the desired effect of other psychostimulants with far fewer side effects than drugs Ritalin or Adderall. Adrafinil exhibits low potential for addiction, and it’s been well-tolerated in the majority of studies.

While side effects are usually mild or non-existent, some users report adrafinil side effects which include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Skin reactions
  • Nausea

The most common side effect is difficulty sleeping, which can usually be remedied by taking your dosage earlier in the day. Side effects are more common at higher doses, and they’re usually an indication that you’re taking too high of a dose.

While there have been virtually no reported drug interactions, one study participant with high blood pressure experienced raised blood pressure while taking modafinil.

It’s important to note that un modafinil, which is immediately available for use by the body, the conversion of adrafinil to modafinil may raise liver enzymes, which research suggests may contribute to liver disease. For this reason, you should avoid taking adrafinil daily, or for prolonged periods.

For this reason, most adrafinil users consider the drug an “ace in the hole” so to speak. When they need an extra push to get through a particularly difficult day, or they know they need to perform at their highest level, that’s when they reach for a dose of adrafinil.

Perhaps the most effective readily available nootropic stimulant on the market, adrafinil can be a great way to give yourself an edge, and help you reach your true potential.

When taking adrafinil or modafinil, be sure to always follow dosage guidelines, and discontinue use if you’re experiencing any adverse side effects.

Source: https://nootropics.com/adrafinil-dosage/

Adrafinil benefits and side effects

What Do We Know About Adrafinil? Potential Uses and Side-Effects

Adrafinil is a nootropic that is used to promote alertness and prevent feelings of sleepiness. Adrafinil is also used as means of increasing focus, supporting memory, and improving overall learning capacity.

Adrafinil is sometimes used as a prescription drug for people suffering from narcolepsy as a means of keeping them awake longer.

In the body, adrafinil has a relatively short half-life but is converted into modafinil, which has a much longer half-life and thus longer lasting effects.

For those who are subjected to drug testing, adrafinil is prohibited for in-competition use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) (1).


1Adrafinil promotes alertness and wakefulness.  Adrafinil was created as a substance to fight narcolepsy.

An important distinction to make is the difference between alertness/wakefulness and a general stimulant. Adrafinil will not cause the user to feel jittery or hyperactive (2). Rather, most people describe a sense of mental clarity, increased ability to focus, or the ability to simply stay awake longer without feeling sleepy.

Unfortunately, much of the research for adrafinil is derived from studies on modafinil. However, adrafinil becomes modafinil through its natural metabolism in the body so it is ly there is significant similarity between the two.

Adrafinil is effective as a means of reducing the feelings of sleepiness. To date no studies have been conducted on adrafinil specifically to evaluate this effect. However, anecdotal reports suggest roughly 12+ hours of effects on reducing the feeling of sleepiness.

2Adrafinil may increase mental acuity. Many users report feelings of heightened mental clarity. Everything from increased memory, increased reaction time, and amplified ability to focus are commonly reported.

In a study using dogs adrafinil was shown to significantly increase their ability to learn a new task (3). Most interestingly, the dogs who were given adrafinil were older than the control dogs. The older dogs using adrafinil outperformed their younger counterparts.

Another study using dogs found that adrafinil causes a long-lasting increase in high frequency brain activity (4).  It is important to note in this study they used only a single dose and still found significant results.

3Adrafinil may improve mood. Many people report an increase in mood associated with an increase in mental clarity. This same effect was found in a study where older dogs were given adrafinil and exhibited improved behavior and general vigor (5). This suggests that adrafinil may have some benefit in maintaining cognitive ability with age in humans (6).

4Adrafinil may delay feelings of sleepiness and increase energy. An interesting benefit of adrafinil noted in monkeys was the improvement in overall behavior specifically at night.

The use of adrafinil effectively doubled the monkey’s nocturnal activity (7). The monkeys did not exhibit normal nocturnal behavior and acted similarly to how they would during the day (7).

This supports the notion that adrafinil delays feelings of sleepiness.

Adrafinil seems to have a benefit of increasing physical energy as well as cognitive energy. In studies using rats, those given adrafinil had significantly increased locomotion and physical energy output (8). A similar result was observed in dogs, where they covered more ground and were more physically active but not noticeably more fatigued than the control group (9).

The exact mechanisms of the physical benefits are not known but provide interesting direction for future research.

5Adrafinil may enhance memory. Many people have reported an improved memory while using adrafinil. Only one study using dogs actually found a decrease in memory in dogs given adrafinil (10). More research is of course needed but it is possible that the reports of increased memory are simply mistaken for the general increase in focus and mental clarity.

6Adrafinil may decrease appetite. No studies have examined this effect but it is worth nothing. Users report that the lack of feeling hungry helps them to remain undistracted by their hunger. The loss of appetite may be a benefit or a negative effect depending on your intended use.

Side Effects

The long-term effects of regular adrafinil use are not clear at this time.

1Adrafinil may lead to the development of orofacial dyskinesia according to one case study (11).

An important side effect to note is that of adrafinil’s main purpose.

2Adrafinil can make falling asleep extremely difficult. Of course this is ly why someone would take adrafinil however it can be a negative if you have completed your task and wish to sleep. The best way to avoid this is to take adrafinil early in the day so that its effects have worn off by the time you wish to sleep.

3Adrafinil has some other general side effects that have been reported. These are: headaches, irritability, loss of appetite and increased blood pressure.

The recommended dosage for adrafinil is approximately 10mg/kg. This works out to approximately 600-900mg in most people.

It is important to take adrafinil early in the morning if you wish to continue a regular sleep cycle. The effects generally last somewhere between 12-15 hours.

Adrafinil should not be taken daily and should not be taken for long periods of time. Instead, the most common dosage schedule is to use modafinil only when needed and to avoid use on consecutive days.

In those who are subject to WADA drug testing, keep in mind that adrafinil is a banned in-competition substance (1).


Adrafinil is a useful nootropic supplement which increases wakefulness and decreases sleepiness. Un other stimulants it does not produce agitating effects and users are able to maintain control of their emotions and focus while taking adrafinil.

Adrafinil is converted to modafinil in the body and thus many people suggest simply taking modafinil for the same effects. Much more research has been conducted examining modafinil but the effects of adrafinil are thought to be largely the same.

Adrafinil is commonly used when you need to focus or stay awake for long periods of time. Future research will determine its potential use as a physical stimulant as well as a cognitive enhancer.

Source: https://healthtrends.com/adrafinil/

Adrafinil Review – What Is It and What Does This Nootropic Compound Do?

What Do We Know About Adrafinil? Potential Uses and Side-Effects

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to improve your performance at work or in school? You’re not alone. Growing numbers of individuals in the U.S.

and around the world are exploring various methods of improving memory, cognitive processing, mental energy, focus and more.

One of the key methods many leaders and business executive explore to enhance their performance is the use of nootropics such as adrafinil.

According to Mike Montgomery, a Forbes contributor, nootropics may represent big business opportunities to forward-thinking venture capitalists and others seeking the next big growth industry. And Research and Markets states that the global market for nootropics is expected to increase upwards of $6 billion U.S. by 2024.

In general, nootropics may ultimately prove to have an even wider possible range of benefits. One study conducted by several professors at a Malaysian medical college concluded that understanding naturally-occurring nootropic substances and how they impact cognitive function may ultimately help treat cognitive impairment in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The holy grail of nootropics is the substance that provides clear and noticeable improvements in cognitive abilities and concentration without also causing negative side effects. Adrafinil may fit that description for many people.

Originally designed and manufactured in France for people suffering from narcolepsy, adrafinil is a synthetic prodrug. That means the chemical compound is inactive until it is metabolized within the body (or in vivo).

Adrafinil metabolizes into modafinil inside the body. Modafinil is a prescription-only medication in the U.S., while adrafinil can be obtained without a prescription.

For the most part, the two substances have pretty much the same effect on the body and mind.

The primary difference between the two drugs is that adrafinil takes approximately an hour to produce the desired pharmacological effect, whereas modafinil begins working sooner.

Until September 2011, adrafinil was sold in France as Olmifon. At that point, it was voluntarily withdrawn from the market there. It is currently unscheduled and thus available without a prescription in the U.S., according to Nootropedia.

What Is Adrafinil Used For & It's Benefits?

Adrafinil was intended primarily to help elderly patients by improving symptoms of fatigue and confusion. However, over time, individuals found that the drug helped to stave off fatigue and improve cognition in situations where they needed to stay alert for extended periods of time, such as when working overnight shifts or engaging in long periods of study.

For healthy individuals who use the drug as a performance enhancer, adrafinil helps increase mental alertness, concentration, memory, cognitive abilities, and wakefulness. It is considered a safe stimulant that does not cause anxiety or other unpleasant side effects generally associated with stimulants.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

Dr. Florence Comite, an endocrinologist studying precision medicine and the author of the book Keep It Up, states that the ly mechanism behind nootropics, in general, is the improvement in the functioning of the neuroendocrine system. In other words, these substances help optimize levels of dopamine and other biochemicals that help enhance your brain’s cognitive abilities.

This is true of adrafinil and modafinil, which appear to act as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. In other words, it blocks the mechanism by which dopamine is absorbed by the body and rendered inert, thus prolonging its effects.

The effect of adrafinil on the body’s dopamine regulation system is generally perceived to be gradual and indirect. That’s an important part of its perceived safety, since it puts the brakes on the sense of euphoric well-being that many stimulants and addictive substances produce.

Long-term modafinil use data is lacking thus far. However, researchers are exploring the prolonged usage of the drug. Professor Barbara Sahakian, at the University of Cambridge, is investigating whether modafinil may help improve mental cognition in people with psychosis.

Zoe Corbyn reports that many Silicon Valley tech startup officers and founders experiment with nootropics and other supplements to help boost cognition, energy and attention. Popular author Timothy Ferriss (The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body) states that he has used modafinil in the past, but believes it to be quite strong in its physical effects. As a result, he limits his use.

Is Adrafinil A stimulant?

Once metabolized in the body, adrafinil operates exactly a stimulant. It helps keep individuals awake for extended periods of time, permitting them to perform even complex tasks such as piloting a helicopter, as found by one study reported in the Psychopharmacology journal.

Adrafinil and modafinil operate much the same way as amphetamines when it comes to keeping you awake and alert. However, these drugs don’t seem to lead to the many negative side effects associated with amphetamine usage, such as heightened anxiety and increased pulse rate, according to one study published in the European journal Neuropsychopharmacol.

Is Adrafinil Illegal?

In the United States, you can use adrafinil without a prescription. Since it is not scheduled, the way many controlled substances and other medications are, you can usually purchase it over-the-counter in the U.S. It is also readily available in the U.K. and Canada, for the same reasons.

Please be aware that if you’re located in a different country, your laws may differ. You should definitely be sure about adrafinil’s legality in your country before attempting to purchase it online.

Modafinil is a different story altogether. Un adrafinil, it is classified as a prescription-only medication, sold under the brand name of Provigil. Because of this, you’ll need to see a doctor to obtain a prescription if you want to try modafinil.

Even though adrafinil is legal to purchase and use in the U.S. and elsewhere, there is one important exception to that rule. The World Anti-Doping Agency prohibits the use of adrafinil as a non-specified stimulant by any competitor who is participating in a covered competition.

Where Can You Buy Adrafinil?

Because adrafinil isn’t considered a controlled substance and is available without a prescription in the U.S., you can purchase it without a doctor’s prescription at a number of outlets. It’s widely available online, for example, and may also be stocked at your local supplement and nutritional health stores.

However, it’s important to be careful when purchasing adrafinil, as with any pharmacological substance. Be sure you’re getting what you bargain for. Also double check to ensure that the source of the drug is reliable and enjoys a good safety record.

Before you take the medication, adrafinil is not the same as modafinil, chemically speaking. The two are chemically different and will affect you physically in different ways, at least immediately after consumption.

However, once you take adrafinil by mouth, it begins a process that culminates in metabolization about 45 to 60 minutes later. After your liver has broken it down, adrafinil then becomes chemically identical to modafinil, with similar benefits and effects. Prior to being metabolized, however, adrafinil is an inert substance.

How Long Does It Take For Adrafinil To Kick In?

How long it takes your body to metabolize adrafinil, and thus how long it takes for you to feel its effects, will depend on a few factors. Primarily, metabolization depends on whether you’ve had anything to eat prior to taking the drug and the specific form of the drug you use.

Most people use a tablet or capsule taken by mouth. If you do the same on an empty stomach, adrafinil will metabolize in about an hour. At that point, you should begin to feel the drug’s effects.

After you ingest the adrafinil, metabolization takes about an hour or so. The effects of adrafinil usually last anywhere from three to four hours after that point. Of course, the exact duration depends on your unique body chemistry as well as the amount of the dose you take.

It’s also a good idea to take your adrafinil in the morning and during the day, in order to avoid interrupting your sleep at night. Because of its potential impact on liver and cardiac function, it’s also advisable not to use adrafinil for any extended period of time. Rather, use it either cyclically (i.e., one week on, one week off) or during short-term projects on an as-needed basis.

What Is The Optimal Dose Of Adrafinil? 

The exact recommended dose for adrafinil depends on a number of factors, specifically height and weight. However, one review published in CNS Drug Reviews suggests a range of 300 to 1200 mg as a generally safe daily dosage. Many of the studies reviewed divided the daily dose into two, one taken in the morning and the other at noon.

If you’re new to adrafinil, it’s a smart idea to start with a low dose of around 100 mg, then gradually titrate the dose upwards as you get accustomed to the effects.

Does Adrafinil Suppress Appetite?

Matt Lehrer, Ph.D. candidate, states that adrafinil does not tend to suppress appetite in most users. In fact, he points out that appetite suppression can be a negative side effect, one that has been commonly associated with amphetamine and other stimulants. However, he adds that adrafinil does make you more physically active, which can aid in weight management.

If you’re experiencing decreased appetite over time, whether by itself or accompanied by nausea, while taking adrafinil, it’s a good idea to stop taking the substance for several days to see if your symptoms ease up.

What Are The Side Effects Of Adrafinil?

Because adrafinil and modafinil are virtually chemically identical after metabolization, it’s important to understand the potential side effects of both drugs before taking them. First, any person with a history of cardiovascular or liver disease should consult with a physician before trying adrafinil, as the drug may worsen these conditions.

Other common side effects of adrafinil and modafinil include insomnia, mood swings and irritability, vertigo, and nausea.

Individuals may rarely experience other side effects. One publication reports a single case of orofacial dyskinesia, or involuntary repetitive movements of the face and mouth while taking modafinil. This condition usually occurs in older institutionalized patients being treated for psychosis. Another study reported two individuals suffered a loss of sexual drive while taking adrafinil.

Last but not least, if you experience any side effects while you’re taking a regular daily dose of adrafinil, stop taking it immediately. Follow up with your regular primary care physician as soon as possible.

Is It Safe To Take Adrafinil?

Many physicians and nootropics enthusiasts believe that there’s no such thing as a “biological free lunch.” Nootropics can help in one area but then make the brain function less effectively in other ways. Additionally, some nootropics create a huge impact on the body initially, but then that impact is followed by an equally resounding physical crash.

In light of these potential effects, it’s very important to do your own research and proceed cautiously when trying nootropics for the first time. However, the general consensus seems to be that adrafinil is a safer, milder entry point into experimenting with cognition-boosting substances.

If you want to explore the use of nootropics to help improve your mental and physical alertness, cognitive abilities and memory, but you’re concerned about trying substances that pack a strong punch, adrafinil may be a smart place to start. Given the gradual nature of its impact, adrafinil might give you a more subtle entry point into the world of nootropics.

Remember, it’s crucial to look into your various options before you take a new substance such as adrafinil. If possible, talk to people you know who have tried it for personal, unbiased reviews. Start with a small dose and track your body’s response to various dosage levels until you find what works best for you.

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What Do We Know About Adrafinil? Potential Uses and Side-Effects

Imagine you’re working on a project that has taken you months to accomplish and cost you blood, sweat, and tears. As you near completion, the realization dawns on you that the extra motivation and attention could mean the difference between success and failure. Sifting through the online databases, you find people speaking of adrafinil and hope it is the wondrous drug everyone claims.

  • Adrafinil vs.

    Modafinil: Comparison & Buyer's Guide

Alas, adrafinil will not be the magic pill to help you complete the project perfectly, but this smart drug may give you the stimulation to be more prepared.

Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic, which is a prodrug for the famous cousin modafinil. Both are powerful wakefulness agents used to treat sleep deprivation [1] and improve other markers of cognition [2].

Adrafinil is the oldest of this synthetic family of drugs, but it is considered less effective than modafinil because it must be converted by the liver into modafinil (the main active ingredient). It is also important to note that although adrafinil gets converted into modafinil, there are some variations in the effects (and risks) [3].

Editors’ Thoughts on Adrafinil

Adrafinil is a curious smart drug and not completely the same as modafinil. For someone that wants to remain on the up and up (legally), adrafinil may be a good choice because it is unscheduled in the United States currently.

The irony of the DEA in the US (and similar organizations in other countries of the world), is that adrafinil may actually be more risky for your health. Due to the fact adrafinil is converted into modafinil in the liver, this means extra work, more interference with liver enzymes, and other issues.

If I had to choose between modafinil and adrafinil I would definitely choose the former, but that’s my personal preference.

As far as the drug itself, it works wonders and they are probably one of my favorite smart drug tools. As I write this, I’m using modafinil so I am a big believer in the drug’s effects. I’ve had the best experiences using it once every week or two so keep that in mind as well.

Nootropedia Editor

Benefits of Adrafinil

While there are undoubtedly differences, much of the research for adrafinil come from modafinil studies. Numerous studies show that modafinil is a powerful stimulant and wakefulness agent that is comparable in effects, but lacking in side effects with amphetamine based drugs Adderall [4].

Although most people discuss adrafinil benefits in terms of the focus and concentration enhancement, there are others.

Namely, the drug can improve short-term memory [5] and reaction time [6] in people who are sleep-deprived. This is one of the reasons the drug is considered a “wakefulness agent” as opposed to a stimulant.

The properties are different than most stimulants though there are similar characteristics.

Another benefit of adrafinil is the mood altering aspect of the drug. While the drug is able to increase general subjective well being and mood [7] it does not do so in a habit forming way Adderall and other amphetamine based drugs [8].

Given that many children are using amphetamine based drugs daily and have problems related to withdrawal in adulthood, it is important to note the potential replacement therapy of modafinil and adrafinil compared to amphetamine-based prescription drugs.

Side Effects of Adrafinil

The side effects of adrafinil are similar to modafinil. Some people experience insomnia if they take the drug too late in the day. This is obviously due to the wakefulness aspect of the drug and is related to the user’s timeline and not the drug itself.

Other adrafinil side effects include anxiety and irritability, which are exacerbated when using the drug. Many studies suggest increased heart rate and blood pressure are associated with modafinil and adrafinil as well [9]. While the effects are minor, they seem to be consistent.

Using adrafinil may also have the side effect of reducing appetite, which can be a positive or negative side effect depending on the person’s outlook. In general, these drugs reduce the desire for caloric consumption.

Finally, one side effect of adrafinil unique to this specific drug is increased liver enzymes [10]. While this is not inherently bad, it can create other interactions with your health that are undesirable and creates unnecessary strain on this organ. The adrafinil liver concerns may depend highly upon the person, but are usually not problematic.

Adrafinil Dosage

Adrafinil is converted into modafinil in the liver, which means some of the substance is lost in the process. The adrafinil dosage is in the 300 – 900 mg range. When the drug was used as a treatment for narcolepsy, doses were around 600 mg twice a day.

The adrafinil dosage is considerably higher than armodafinil (150 mg) and modafinil (200 mg) because so much of the drug is lost in metabolism. While the adrafinil dosage may depend highly upon the individual, you can bet it will be higher in the case of this smart drug compared to the other that are in the family.

Because the drug interacts with liver enzymes, it is recommended to take this drug no more than three times per week and no longer than 5 months at a time.

Finally, if you buy adrafinil, it is best to have a scale for measurement. Any milligram scale should provide an accurate measure. It is unsafe to form an adrafinil dosage “eyeballing” alone. Getting the dose wrong with adrafinil can come with side effects quickly so do not make this mistake when dosing.

Without a scale, many vendors provide a small red scoop. This small red spoon is approximately 10 – 15 mg so you can measure the adrafinil dosage that way.

Protective Adrafinil Dosage

Some people go to the extra precaution of consuming a small dose of adrafinil to test the effects as a beginner. This method suggests an adrafinil dosage of around 25 – 50 mg to test for allergies or adverse effects.

After verifying there are no adverse effects, it is okay to bump the adrafinil dosage up to 300 mg before moving to the 600 mg (recommended) dosage. This method is commonly referred to as the “Shulgin method” derived from famed chemist, Alexander Shulgin.

Adrafinil Nootropic Stacks

More than ly if you are using adrafinil, it's worthwhile to consider how it might work with other substances. There are few nootropics we can say are truly synergistic with adrafinil (at least from a scientific perspective), but there are advantageous smart drugs that operate on another useful aspect of cognition.

Adrafinil and milk thistle – while it is not a nootropic per se, milk thistle is one of the best tools to aid in liver health especially against acute damage.

Adrafinil does not create damage per se, but does influence the liver and enzymes in a potentially harmful (or at least stressful) way.

It is useful to have some type of liver support and milk thistle is your best bet.

Adrafinil and racetams – adrafinil is typically used as a focus enhancer and wakefulness / alertness drug. This is quite a different advantage than comes from the racetam family (such as piracetam, aniracetam, or phenylpiracetam).

For all of these cholinergic drugs, the main benefit is for memory formation and learning. Some people find enhanced creativity using racetams phenylpiracetam too.

While adrafinil and racetams do not go together per se, they can compliment one another due to different benefits.

Adrafinil and unique blends – this is where users must be careful.

Uniquely blended nootropic stacks (things Qualia, Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, OptiMind, or even some Four Sigmatic products) often have many ingredients.

For some, the ingredients combined are too highly stimulating in addition to adrafinil. Remember, adrafinil is a potent stimulant and combining with dozens of other ingredients can be problematic.

How and Where to Buy Adrafinil

Adrafinil is unscheduled, but you will not find this at your local health or supplement food store. There are many vendors online and some of them are more reputable than others. We have continually recommended purchasing from Pure Nootropics because they have free domestic shipping, and allow returns.

If you buy adrafinil online, make sure that you find a vendor that is reputable as this is a synthetic drug. We recommend Pure Nootropics adrafinil simply because capsules are more affordable. If you would prefer to purchase adrafinil in powder form, they sell that as well.

Selected Community Experiences

“Second day taking 300mg Adrafinil (which metabolizes into about 100mg modafinil in the body). Both times I have felt ultra creative. I want to start up my personal business again, start a marketing campaign, Make a movie, load new software on my computer, write a book, write this post, upgrade my computer, build a new computer… and so much more.” [11] – Toppguy

“I take 300mg Adrafinil as soon as I get up, and usually in 90 minutes I can feel its effects. I don't get any high, no peak, no plateau and no crash. I just discovered I've been more productive at work in the last 6 weeks than in the last 6 months.” [12] – Player

“I had my liver function test done prior to using adrafinil: AST = 31 u/L ALT = 19 u/L After approx 6 weeks of using adrafinil dark or Noofen 2-3 x week @ 100-200 mg per dose: AST = 32 u/L ALT = 25 u/L. These results suggest that adrafinil, at this very low dose, does not seem to to be causing liver stress.” [13] – synaptophysin

Adrafinil Reviews

As these adrafinil reviews suggest, there are primarily positive experiences with the drug. Anecdotal reports, such as the adrafinil liver report, do not translate directly to you, but can help inform your experiences. A large set of anecdotal evidence does not mean it is data, but these adrafinil reviews can show you what to avoid and how to proceed.

Much of the research on adrafinil focuses on sleep deprivation, diseased patients with narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders. Few study the effects of the drug on healthy adults, which is why these adrafinil reviews can be helpful supplemental evidence for your decision making process.

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