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   Feb 15 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: The Chocolate Day Edition

Oh happy day, it’s Wednesday!

It’s time to feature the always thrilling What I Ate on Tuesday But Post About on Wednesday. It’s the virtual party we all know and love hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

The veggie love continues this week, and all month long, but seeing as how yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I’m sure there will be a lot of chocolate and other decadent indulgence love going on as well! I can’t wait to see what everyone enjoyed.

As I said in my post on Monday, I’ve never been really all that “into” Valentine’s Day, until I had kids. (Except for the one year when Erik and I were dating in high school and he showed up at my work–a frozen yogurt & sandwich shop, and set up and surprised me with a romantic dinner for two after hours.)

I like to make it a special day for my kiddos, well for all of us, really. Besides all the decorations and the cookie pops I made the day before, we had a day full of hearts and red and pink and fun planned!

Before heading to their school for the day to volunteer and help with class parties I donned my Valentine socks: (What? Just wait until you have kids, then see what sort of themed clothing you wear on occasion.)

(And just so you know, they were a huge hit among the third grade crowd.)

(But if I ever start wearing sweaters with snowmen and Christmas trees on them at Christmas, someone please smack me upside the head with a blunt object!)

I made the boys heart-shaped (frozen) waffles with raspberry jam and heart-banana slices:

Good morning, my littlest Valentine!

I had something a little more pink:

Breakfast: 8:15am

I should’ve photographed it before adding spinach because frozen rasperries and cherries create the prettiest pink color! It turned mauve when I added the spinach. (It also contained chocolate Sun Warrior protein powder and unsweetened coconut milk.)

I packed the boys lunches this morning, continuing the heart theme. Sort of.

Cameron’s is on the left. His heart-shaped hard boiled egg didn’t quite turn out like it showed on Pinterest. Jace hasn’t been finishing his lunches lately so I have started packing him less food which is working out better. He’s always in such a rush to get out to recess he doesn’t want to take the time to eat! Yikes.

A morning in the classroom for me, doing real work was followed by a quick lunch back at home:

Lunch: 12:30pm

Leftover quinoa fried rice and a non-heart shaped hard boiled egg. Ever since I first made this recipe my family now asks for it on a weekly basis. I made a ton of it the night before last so Erik and I would have lunches for a few days. Even Cameron asked to have some in his lunch today!

An after-lunch snack: 1pm

(There she goes again, the weird lady eating her lemon for a snack again!)

I then headed back to school to help with the third grade class party. We decorated the room and set up several activities and games–it was one of the better class parties I’ve ever seen done and the kids had a great time. I was bummed to miss out on the kindergarten party, but Jace said he had a great time too.

Dinner: 6:45pm

I sent the three boys on a Valentine delivery to some friends’ real quick so I could set up the surprise dinner I had ready to serve. I decided we would eat picnic style on the family room floor, in front of the fireplace with candles and soft music playing. When they returned, everything was ready:

I made Emily’s Creamy Vegan Fondue and for dipping we had red bell peppers, snap peas, carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, granny smith apples, toasted bagel pieces, sweet potato chips and blue corn tortilla chips.

It was a really fun dinner! The fondue wasn’t as “cheesy” as I was hoping and tasted more like mashed potatoes than cheese, but it was still delicious. Everyone loved it.

We sipped a fine varietal of sparkling cranberry juice that paired quite nicely with our entree. We toasted to a very happy Valentine’s day:

After dinner we played Valentine’s Bingo:

Jace won twice and Erik won once.

We then shared the valentine cards we made for each other. I made them all puzzles that they had to put together in order to read the message.

After enjoying our Chocolate Cookie Pops for dessert, Erik then handed me a wrapped box and apologized that it was so big. I was a little confused then, and after seeing what was inside I was even more confused. Why would anyone in their right mind apologize for giving someone a ginormous box of chocolates? He picked this up at a local chocolate shop downtown.

Um, thank you, but seriously, no apologies are necessary. (What are you, crazy?)

He took the not-so-subtle hints I sent him the prior few weeks and half of the box was filled with dark chocolate salted caramels.

He is a good, good man.

We sampled one or two one of each different flavor then buzzed around the house on a major sugar rush while we got the kids ready for bed.

It was such a LOVE-Ly day (pun intended) and I feel surrounded by So. Much. Love. Get this: Just as we were about to head upstairs to tuck him into bed Jace was giving us hugs as he said, “You know what my favorite holiday is? It’s not Christmas, it’s Valentine’s Day. Because I don’t care about toys, I only care about love.”

And then my heart burst into a million pieces.

Happy WIAW! I hope you felt the love like I did.

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  1. Looks like a really fun day! Love your socks!!

  2. Love your V-day socks! Everything in this post (except the socks) looks delicous :)

  3. Let me list the things I love about this post:
    1. I worked at a frozen yogurt shop in high school too! I swear we are so alike.
    2. Your socks are adoribly dorky and cute. But, yes, no Christmas sweaters or denim jumpers or we’ll have to break up.
    3. Adding quinoa fried rice to next week’s menu.
    4. Love the living room picnic! My kids would make a mess at this age, but I can see us trying it soon. With all white, non-staining foods.
    5. Ditto with waiting a few years on letting my kids toast with glass glasses. Especially if filled with cranberry juice. My carpet has enough stains….
    6. Your husband is a rock-star to get you all those caramels! Love it!
    7. Glad you feel loved. You deserve it.

    • Candy says:

      1. Soul sisters?
      2. I know, right? Especially dorky, but I’m okay with that.
      3. Do it!
      4. I was pleasantly surprised, there were no messes. And no sparkling cranberry juice spillage. The boys felt so grown up.
      5. Ours does too, which is why I didn’t mind.
      6. I know, right? My behind thinks differently though.
      7. You are the nicest person ever. For real.

  4. AikoVenus says:

    It looks like you had a great time! ^^ It all looks fantastic!

  5. Jeanette says:

    What an awesome day! I to love your socks!!!!

  6. Laura says:

    What a special day for your boys!! I love the fondue idea… can’t wait til my daughter is old enough not to make a giant mess. We’re getting close, I think. :) Love all the thought you put into your day, your boys are lucky to have you. Glad your husband came through on the chocolates, YUM!

    • Candy says:

      I was asking myself why as I was vacuuming earlier in the day, but I was pleasantly surprised there weren’t any messes. They did so great and we had so much fun!

  7. Nicole says:

    Jace just melted my heart. You know…he couldn’t say such adorable things like that if he didn’t have amazing parents and a brother who love him so very much!

  8. I must say I love everything you did, the heart shaped theme great idea.

  9. What a beautiful day you all had on Tueday! :)
    It sounds like Valentines is a lot more inclusive in the US, compared to the UK. You guys seem to share the love around, extending it to family, friends, and co workers. Over here, it tends to be a day for couples only, which makes a lot of people feel very left out. Lil’ L was gutted that he didn’t get a card or present :( I’m definitely going to do things differently next year and include him.
    All the eats you made on Tuesday look amazing! So much thought has gone into those lunches and the dinner. I also love the look of that huge box of chocolates. I can just imagine how scrumptious they taste! Love the socks too ;)

    • Candy says:

      Yes, Valentine’s Day here does seem to be about much more than just romantic love. I love the idea that everyone, whether in a relationship or not, can feel loved and appreciated on that day, so we tend to spread the love as much as possible.And, it’s fun for the kids to have a special day among the humdrum of routine life in the middle of winter.

  10. You even cut bananas into hears?! You are the best mom! :)

    Brilliant idea to add the spinach post-picture. I need to take a lesson for you there. mine all look like sludge.

    • Candy says:

      If only cutting bananas into heart shapes really did make me the best mom…or at least absolve me of my not-so-stellar-mom moments, I’d be all set. :)

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