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   Oct 28 2012

What’s For Dinner 5.0

 Here we are at a full month of weekly menu plans. I committed to the challenge and was able to get one done each week, even though some weeks I was tempted to skip it. I was always so glad I did it after it was done though!

Last week was a weird week, thrown off by a sick kiddo at home on Monday so I didn’t get all of my shopping done that day. One planned meal never happened at all in favor of leftovers and it being too late to cook. Some weeks happen that way.

While sitting at the table after dinner on Friday night, (just after reading and talking about at a Time For Kids article about insects becoming the new meat–yum, right?), I asked my family what they would like for dinner this week and I was surprised shocked at some of the responses. Erik requested pizza (gee, thanks hon. We have pizza every Friday.) Cameron requested veggie tacos (In chant form: Tac-os! Tac-os! Tac-os!) and, get this, Jace (the picky one) requested vegetarian sushi (!) and (?), and baked stuffed sweet potatoes. With broccoli.

What the… what?! Jace was requesting veggies?

First, I didn’t know he even knew what sushi was, and second he seemed to know enough that we would have to substitute the crab for veggies or tofu, and instead of a seaweed wrapper he “would like a rice paper wrapper like we use on fresh rolls.”


So, here is the plan:

Monday: Quick and easy Veggie Tacos with refried beans, romaine, purple cabbage, red bell peppers and some apple salsa on top:

Tuesday: Baked Tofu and Roasted VeggiesThursday was the last day of our farmers market and Erik went a little crazy. I can barely close our fridge door so we need to use up some of that produce!

Wednesday: Halloween! Veggie Chili in the crockpot, Cornbread Muffins, and salad with pumpkin cider vinaigrette. We have a few friends coming over and vegetarian chili is a hearty meal that easily feeds a crowd, even non-vegetarians.

Thursday: Baked, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes–per Jace’s request. I’ll stuff them with broccoli and a little cheese, and for the grownups maybe some jalapenos as well.

Friday: Homemade Pizza, of course. Pizza Friday!

Saturday: We are hosting a party for everyone that went on the trip to St. Thomas. Everyone is bringing something tropical and Erik will probably make his signature appetizer: Thai Pineapple Bites

We’ll also be making Pain Killers (the real version this time, not the smoothie!)

Sunday: Vegetarian Sushi–I made it once before, many years ago for a dinner party and I remember it taking me a looooong time. We’ll see if a few more years experience in the kitchen will speed up the process. Also, we’ll experiment with how well rice paper wrappers will hold together and slice and how sticky I can get brown rice. I’m not very optimistic but it is worth a try. Anything for my kids requesting a healthy meal!

I wish you a wonderful week full of healthy meals!

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I’m curious, is our weekly menu plan something that you like seeing? Should I keep posting it every week, or do you find it a total snoozefest? 

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  1. Laura says:

    Apple salsa- yum! We just made vegetarian sushi last night. We like to mix sushi rice with brown rice to help with the sticky factor… but I have done it with all brown before, and it was okay. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  2. Good luck with the veggie sushi! It’s one of those things that’s on my list to try making, but I just haven’t got round to it yet. We’ve got a wonderful health food shop in Bath that has a whole shelf dedicated to making veggie sushi. It even has brown sushi rice (I didn’t even know that existed!)
    For the past 3 weeks, I’ve replaced my Friday night pizza with our local grocery store’s veggie sushi pack instead. Not only is it really yummy and fun to eat, but I feel a whole lot better after it compared with pizza. Sushi Friday it’ll be from now on :)

    • Candy says:

      Our veggie sushi was a great success! I just used regular short grain brown rice and cooked it so that it came out a little stickier than usual, and it was perfect! The whole family enjoyed it, eating with chopsticks, of course and they thought it was such a treat. We’ll definitely be making it a regular meal–yum!

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